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Record your achievements 

within the Music Moves programme

Learn to edit and improve the recordings and make it sound professional

After the final work of recording and mixing, mastering is the final piece to the puzzle


Our studio has state of the art equipment that will allow our students to develop their skills in recording and also to allow them to learn and master different instruments! The studio will give our students a chance to take their incredible hard work and effort and turn it into beautiful, professional, incredible sounding pieces of music. Which in turn will create a passion for music.



Dan Healey

Dan is a talented pianist, keyboardist, and drummer with a BA (Hons) Degree in popular music. His musical career has seen him perform with some of the major artists in the music industry around the world in some of the largest arenas. For the past 13 years Dan has been an accomplished session musician performing and recording across many different genres; he has also performed and reconceptualised musical arrangement on a number of albums, that have reached chart success both in the UK and overseas. Dan’s unique talent for musical production and arrangement has led him to embark on this new venture - Music Moves. 


Music Moves is designed to positively impact the emotional well-being of young vulnerable people: it plans to help and support young people facing or experiencing bullying, emotional problems and/or mental health issues. 


The programme has been set-up to supplement the work of schools, healthcare workers and the local police, where they believe young people would benefit from a programme that brings them together through the medium of music. An outlet where the children can experience within the creative process of recording, producing, arranging and performing, a release from their environmental and emotional confines, to give the students the confidence, they may desperately need. 


Music Moves has not been setup solely for the purposes of teaching young people to appreciate and participate in music; more importantly, it has been set-up to help them interact and communicate in new and creative ways. The programme’s goals are to instill a sense of confidence in the young people to encourage them to engage with new friends of all ages, in doing so, Music Moves hopes to tackle the important issues that affect the mental and emotional well-being of vulnerable people.

Paul Westwood

Paul has been involved in making music as a guitarist for over 20 years, both in a live setting and as a guest musician on many recordings.  Starting out playing in covers bands, in 2002 he moved into a full time roll of teaching and encouraging others to play music.  Over the years Paul has played guitar with many other musicians in varying settings and continues to write and record. 


Having realised the positive impact of playing music, Paul has been working with many young people who have experienced bullying in school, cyber bullying and who have suffered from anxiety.  Paul has also worked over many years with young offenders and understands much of the life challenges that put those young people on such a path.  


Paul is committed to passing on his skills and influence as a teacher and musician to as many young people as is possible, helping them overcome life challenges that will come their way.

The Hope Project

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