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Music Moves is a twelve week programme targeted at the emotional well being of young people between the ages of 11-17. The programme is designed to meet head on the problems of bullying; physical, emotional and through abuses of social media.

Our aim is to help improve the lives of youngsters by introducing them to a new way of coping with anxiety and feelings of vulnerability. Using a referral method through Schools, Health Professionals, Police and other agencies, we will take them on a journey of positive personal growth and development, through the medium of music.

  • Engaging in music genres of their preference

  • Getting them involved in music production

  • Work in and around the Music Moves studio to record your achievements 

  • Offering both one on one and group tuition

  • Learning to perform with confidence 

  • Engaging in the art of communicating musically and playing as a band member

Our Aim
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